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A liquid food transport service of excellence for customers in every corner of Europe.

Transportes Luis Tarela S.L. provides commercial haulage services in Spain and internationally.

We hace more than 80 years’ experience in the industry. Over that time, our business has expanded and now has an established market presence.

An extensive fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest technology, the best people and top-quality services make up Transportes Luis Tarela.

Road haulage of liquid foodstuffs throughout Europe

We are experts in the transport of foodstuffs, such as dairy and dairy derivatives. We have temperature-controlled vehicles that ensure that goods arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

Types of goods

We are specialists in the haulage of bulk liquid foodstuffs.



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Wine and other beverages

We take care of loading, transport and delivery on time of all goods.
We follow strict hygiene and safety procedures at all times.
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