Road transport for on-time delivery

Transportes Luis Tarela specialises in the bulk transport of foodstuffs.

We have a complete fleet of commercial haulage vehicles. That enables us to provide the best service in compliance with the European Union’s quality control requirements.

Haulage in Spain and internationally.

Our principal customers are based in countries such as Spain, France, Germany and Belgium.

We make more than 4000 trips every year. Some of our routes are within Spain, but the majority of our services are provided on the other side of the border.

The quality of our fleet allows us to transport other types of bulk foodstuffs. We offer security for goods and excellent handling throughout the whole process.

How do we work?

Who are our customers?

Dairy products are our principal cargoes. Each new load requires the lorry to be cleaned.

Our tanker-lorries allow us to carry nearly any bulk liquid foodstuff.

We categorise our customers into 4 types, depending on the goods we transport for them:


Fresh milk, concentrated and evaporated milk and dairy products such as cream.
zumo-de-naranja (1)


Orange, apple, etc. juices


Animal fats, olive oil, soya oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oils, etc.

Wine and others

Expansion of the business

At Transportes Luis Tarela S.L.we have always been committed to having a modern fleet. All our vehicles and tankers are latest generation.

We work with lorries of the highest quality. They have the latest driver-assistance technology that ensures that goods are transported safely.

We have always provided a high quality, safe service to our customers. From its base in Galicia,Transportes Luis Tarela is looking to the future with hope and confidence.

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